Pomade Reviews 101: Which Should You Buy?

Pomade Reviews

As a hairstyle product, the pomade is a curious combination of wax’s superior hold on your hair (which lets you shape it like dough or clay and have it stay that shape come rain, sleet, snow, or even high water) and the wet look of gel. Then again, you can skip the middleman and just avail of wax if you’re all about the hold. You can even enjoy both wax and pomade in your hair by availing of old-school beeswax pomades that give you the hold of wax and the fresh shower look of gel. As many pomade reviews such as the ones on¬†http://menspomade.net would point out, the modern pomade is different from the original pomade used by your baby boomer grandfather or great grandfather. The difference between oil-based classic pomade and modern water-based pomade isn’t exactly night and day, but it is different enough to be comparable to the generation gap between Millennials and Baby Boomers.

Water-Based versus Oil-Based

* Oil-based pomade is basically grease; the same grease popularized by 1950s greasers riding their road hogs. It’s mainly composed of mineral oil and petroleum, with its most dominant ingredient being hydrophobic or water-insoluble, making it quite hard to wash off. It offers a decent hold, a sleek look, and low-to-high shine. It’s also cheaper than its modern water-based counterpart plus you can restyle it throughout the day.

* Then again, traditional pomade is sensitive to weather and is so harsh it could cause acne on your scalp and forehead. In contrast, the water-based pomade is its contemporary version that predominantly has water as its main ingredient, making it easy to wash out and water soluble. Its benefits include a super-strong hold (or none depending on the grade of pomade), lack of greasiness, an incredible amount of shine (again, depending on pomade grade), and complete hairstyle control.

* Like your gel (but more longer lasting), the pomade can be reactivated with water and it dries out during the day, so you can try out the 2000s spiky hair style using this hairstyling product (although pure wax can also give you the same results). It also keeps you from getting acne outbreaks with how hypoallergenic it is. Then again, it dries out like gel when exposed to daylight and it’s more expensive than the original pomade, thus for the same amount of money you’ll get fewer portions.

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